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Warehouse, Warehouse and Factory Security

Warehouse, Warehouse and Factory Security

Our company provides computer-equipped security networks in strategically important buildings and facilities, and services are provided using hand detectors, door detectors, explosives sniffing detectors, X-Ray security devices, in short, factory security systems.

We ensure 24/7 security of large companies, factories and company headquarters throughout Turkey. Factory security services; We are trying to present it in the best possible way, as a result of a joint discovery work, through expert private security officers, within the framework of entrances and exits, control of working personnel, environmental security against malicious people, precautions to be taken in case of fire, and special requests from companies. Because factory security is a serious and important job that protects both personal life and capital accumulated over years of intense labor.


Against all kinds of threats that may come from inside and outside in factories, warehouses and industrial facilities, in line with the wishes of the business and without disrupting its operation. SSA SPECIAL SECURITY AND PROTECTION SERVICES We are assertive about taking the necessary security measures and maximizing security by providing in-service training (orientation training) about factory security services to our assigned security guards.

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