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VIP Security and Close Protection Services

VIP Security and Close Protection Services

VIP Security and Close Protection Services

Professional close protection personnel assigned by SSA PRIVATE SECURITY and PROTECTION SERVICES is an expert in risk analysis under normal or emergency conditions, identifying possible problems, security planning, preventing and controlling possible security problems, regardless of the special conditions, providing a safe environment for the protected person. They are selected from people who have the ability to provide protection and have a close protection certificate.


Our close protection team

Close protection personnel have the ability to implement appropriate procedures to mitigate the effects of unusual situations. Our VIP protection officers are aware that they represent the image of the person they are protecting, know how to use their powers according to the characteristics of the situation in normal or emergency situations, and while performing close protection work; They are professionals who work in coordination with the protected person, their family and other protection teams.

In addition to all this; We look for the following qualifications in our close protection personnel:


SSA SPECIAL SECURITY and PROTECTION SERVICES also determines the task-specific training needs of Turkish Armed Forces and Police members who have served in special units and operation teams to its VIP close guards and assigns them to duty after providing adaptation training in order to eliminate possible knowledge deficiencies.

Professional close protection officer

The basic in-service training subjects we provide in this context include;

Within the framework of professional VIP security services; If a person or persons are under threat, our special close protection team acts in a way that affects the daily life of the person(s) as little as possible and provides services by taking high-level special protection measures, supported by all kinds of equipment and training.

The reasons why public figures request protection personnel are determined as a result of interviews, and a protection group appropriate to the person's risk and lifestyle is created. As the number of VIP Protection personnel increases, the materials used and to be kept also vary.

VIP Close Protection

Our VIP Close Protection Principles


Pioneering security work:

Examination of the transfer and return route, Determination of safe areas and rest areas, Selection of the route, alternative route and exercise, Research of the program area and environment.


Service Types:

  • VIP protection
  • Vehicle protection
  • residence protection
  • Family members protection

SSA PRIVATE SECURITY and PROTECTION SERVICESprovides VIP special close protection service within the framework of Law No. 5188 and in close cooperation with other security forces.

Close Protection