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Sports Organizations Security and Sports Facilities Security Services

Stadium and Sports Facility Protection Match Security

Sports Organizations Security and Sports Facilities Security Services

Stadium and Sports Facility Protection, Match Security

We meet the special security needs with the security systems and qualified security personnel that managers will need in sports matches and sports activities; We provide professional security services in sports halls and stadiums by taking the necessary measures to ensure general security in sports organizations and matches, invitation/ticket and competition entry control against uninvited spectators or unwanted items, audience guidance, crowd control, and protection of athletes and sports equipment.

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SSA SPECIAL SECURITY AND PROTECTION SERVICES As the security and protection service for this sports match and sports facility; We successfully carry out contractual and permanent or temporary security services.

Stadium and Match Risks

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As SSA PRIVATE SECURITY AND PROTECTION SERVICES, with its expert staff, we take all precautions to ensure general order and security with our mobile operation teams, as well as the security circle established in all football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, Formula races and other sports organizations, with great seriousness. We are taking.

SSA PRIVATE SECURITY employs private security guards to be assigned to various sports organizations and sports facilities, who have received the best adaptation training on sports events, who have in-depth knowledge of the relevant Security legislation, who are aware of their powers and responsibilities, who are prepared for possible situations through effective in-service training, and who are on duty. As long as he/she is aware that he/she represents the institution, the reliability and image of the institution, he/she ensures the qualification of private security guard.

Our in-service training provided within the scope of private security services for sports competitions covers the following main topics:

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For Safe and Professional Sports Facilities Security; Our personnel who will work as sports unit private security guards are trained by lawyers, doctors and health sector workers, social scientists, psychologists, sociologists, members of the Turkish Armed Forces and Police units working in special units and operation teams, and the teachers are experts in their fields and have deep operational and training experience. They are experienced people in security.

This training addresses the basic knowledge gaps of working private security officers about sports facilities security by determining the specific requirements for sports security services.

Our company's theoretical and practical sports safety officer compliance training includes the following topics:

SSA SPECIAL SECURITY AND PROTECTION SERVICEShas adopted the principle of the best customer satisfaction by providing the most effective sports match private security service, thanks to the sports security officer training application and training information given by competent people.

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