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Security consulting services

Security Consultancy

Nowadays, the increasing risks and the security measures previously taken are insufficient and the necessary analyzes have been made insufficiently over time, the necessary in-service training has not been provided, the security measures taken have not been updated, the necessary checks have not been carried out on the functionality of the security systems and devices in practice, and the personnel on duty have not been able to work at all times. Preliminary interventions at the level of preparation for risks that may arise due to various reasons such as lack of supervision will result in a non-negligible reduction in the occurrence of these risks in the future.

Consultancy service provided in cases where security activity does not yet exist:

Security consulting

Consultancy service if security service is implemented

It ensures that the necessary training and document support is provided in order to provide the current security service in the best possible way.
It determines whether the number of personnel currently on duty is sufficient and recommends the employment of additional personnel if deemed necessary.
In addition, if more personnel are used than necessary, it informs institutions and organizations about the issue and ensures that the number is at an optimum level and makes suggestions on this matter.
It ensures that methods are used and precautions are taken to ensure the most efficient use of the technical materials used during the activity.

For the solution of all these questions and problems, you can contact us so that you can benefit from the Security Services efficiently, with high quality and at a high level.

Security consultancy service