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Organization Security

Organization Security

SSA Protection and Private Security; Special meetings, openings, invitations, events, fairs, seminars, congresses, group trips and concerts, etc. It provides general security in activities such as; it carries out temporary security services by forming necessary teams and providing equipment (x-ray, door and hand detector) for the purpose of entry controls against intruders or unwanted items, guest guidance, crowd control or protection of exhibited products or works.

In addition, if customer demand occurs, area scanning can be carried out by evacuating the area before the event with our 2 bomb detection dogs.

There are many important details in ensuring daily organizational security.

Using the right qualified personnel and the right equipment, analyzing the place of duty or region in terms of potential risks, examining the profile of the participants and local people are the factors that must be taken into account in order to complete the organization without any security violations.

In addition to the security circle established in organizations with our expert staff, we carefully take all kinds of precautions to ensure public order and security in temporary organizations with our mobile teams on standby.
In all events, we meet the special security needs with the security systems and qualified security personnel that event managers will need; We provide professional security services in all areas by supporting general public order and taking the necessary precautions to protect guests through invitation/ticket and event entry control, audience guidance, crowd control against uninvited spectators or unwanted items.


Organization security services
Organization security service