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Hotel Security

SSA Private Security, a company specialized in tourism, accommodation security and hotel security services, provides services in hotels, travel, tours, organizations, conferences and all touristic events in the tourism sector; It successfully serves against illegal events such as theft, extortion and assault, within the framework of law no. 5188, with its experienced private security personnel.


SSA Private Security, It is a professional organization in the field of hotel security services and is a company that can provide security services specific to hotels and hotel management instead of the stereotypical security rules applied in other branches of the facility, embraces the facility as if it were its own workplace, and provides continuous on-the-job training to the personnel it assigns in this regard. SSA, which examines the needs of the hotel industry very well, is against frequent changes of personnel in hotel security, and provides hotel security services with personnel who are familiar with the subject and the facility and have acquired the hotel culture, except for mandatory rotation changes in terms of technical and tactical aspects. In this context, in the tourism sector; Our most important principle is to work determined, determined, professional, honest and in coordination with the hotel management.

Touristic Facility and Hotel Security

Our general views and working style on hotel security services and tourism security:

Nothing can damage the reputation of a tourist facility or hotel more than poor safety and security. Hotel security does not end at the hotel's doorstep. Events and accommodation are part of the local environment and premises that provide a high standard of good customer service are notoriously “tendent to be the safest workplaces”. Tourism businesses that provide inadequate customer service send the message that they "do not care about the well-being of their guests." On the other hand, hotels, which are workplaces where employees have to take care of guests, have to be even safer. “Good guest safety and security procedures” are the first step to creating a safe environment.

In hotel management, sometimes managers have to hire people with a single CV document due to the season. However, for example, some of the facility staff have free access to customer rooms and generally know when customers are or are not in the room. SSA Private Security officers generally have to keep track of who has permission to enter the guest's room and information about whether employees have previous criminal records (if the duty, authority and permission is given by the institution). In order to ensure good tourism security, SSA Security officers must know the photo and identity of each employee and what keys each employee has.

Routine Personnel Control

SSA Private Security ensures that its staff is well trained in tourism security protection, provides constant security updates, and ensures that they speak the same language with customers and guests in terms of tourism and hotel management culture. Our professional experience shows that security problems may occur because the employee cannot establish sufficient and necessary communication with the people he serves.

If the task and authority is given by the hotel management; It is our security company's responsibility to protect not only the guests but also their belongings.

For example; While there are people whose aim in terrorist movements is to destroy or damage a certain area, unwary guests must also be taken into consideration when protecting the area.

For example; Tourists almost forget to take care of their belongings and equipment. SSA Security, Hotel security also takes into account the needs of cleaning staff and hotel staff, and they try to ensure that the environment is both attractive and as safe and secure as possible for everyone.

Hotel security services are not just about physical security. Most hotel guests do not read the safety instructions in the hotel booklets given to them, even in emergency situations.

SSA Protection designs the hotel security program, makes plans assuming that customers will not act cautiously for themselves, and also meticulously provides security consultancy services if requested.

Within the framework of this consultancy service; SSA Private Security company collects information from the hotel management about the cultural habits and traditions of the hotel guests. It orients its staff on this issue. It is imperative that Security and Hotel Management develop security templates that meet not only the facility but also the cultural needs of hotel guests.

SSA Private Security establishes the connection between Hotel security officers and the local Police Department. The local police department (Police or Gendarmerie) should be able to easily and quickly find out from our staff what is where in the hotel when an undesirable incident occurs.

Regular reviews and meetings held by our company aim to save time and lives and minimize possible dangers.

SSA officers, who can use the necessary security equipment for facility and guest protection, strictly control the alarms of entrance and exit doors and who can use or spread passwords in encrypted areas. It constantly checks security cameras, including elevators, and performs regular hardware inspections to decide what changes are required in the general security system by planning a "safe area" in case of danger.

Hotel Security Systems

Within the framework of this information, SSA Private Security officer knows very well the following;
Even the garbage disposal areas of hotels need to be protected.
Care should be taken to ensure that all parking spaces are illuminated.
The hotel's ventilation system is checked.
Are all fire exits suitable for emergency exits? Can guests be evacuated from the hotel roof in the event of a terrorist attack or fire? If so, is the helipad available? Does the hotel have a powerless evacuation plan in case of a sudden power outage? Like…

In addition to all these, our staff working in the hotel security services department are selected from private security certified people who speak foreign languages at a level that allows them to communicate with foreign-speaking guests in today's international tourism world and to guide them in necessary situations.