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Electronic Security Systems

electronic security systems

Electronic Security Systems

Offering innovative, high-quality and functional solutions at reasonable costs for all needs regarding electronic security systems, SSA SECURITY prioritizes 0 customer satisfaction in the sales, installation and technical service support stages of each electronic security device and apparatus needed by businesses and facilities with the PERPATECH security systems it contains.

The services we provide and the products we supply within the scope of electronic security services;

Alarm Monitoring Services

Alarm systems, which we install in homes and workplaces by our professional diagnostic and technical teams, control the security of your businesses and facilities by sending a signal to the SSA Alarm Monitoring Center in case of an alarm, alerting our operators, and reporting incidents such as theft, fire or health to law enforcement, fire brigade or health units. provides value to your investments.

Project Planning Services

Before security device supply or installation positioning takes place, the most appropriate project that will ensure investment and operational security should be created, taking into account time, space and budget conditions. SSA Security; He has 8 years of industry experience in the fields of alarm monitoring center and electronic security systems. While its approach to business and facility security is comprehensive and integrated, it also carefully avoids all existing and potential threats that cause security vulnerabilities.

Based on this, the services we provide within the scope of professional technical staff and special project services;

Fiber Infrastructure Services

Fiber infrastructure services are one of the technologies whose demand and use are increasing in our country, as well as all over the world. SSA Security offers fiber infrastructure solutions according to the size and scope of the project. Within the scope of fiber optic cable installation services, it functionally handles the current need on-site examination, project design, cabling, fiber optic termination and test report preparation.

Camera Systems

While camera systems, which are one of the most effective elements in electronic security systems, offer a deterrent solution against potential criminal elements, they play a vital role in detecting the perpetrator or perpetrators and identifying the necessary evidence after the current criminal incident occurs. Cameras have a wide range of product options in terms of their usage areas. Quality, affordable and reliable camera systems that can be used in large areas and lands or in closed areas to make investments and life safer are provided by SSA Security Systems.

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Alarm Systems

Alarm systems are one of the most effective methods in preserving material and spiritual values, deterrence, and ensuring the safety of life and property by becoming effective in emergency situations. Alarm systems, which are activated very effectively in cases of theft or damage attempts, are also used effectively in situations requiring emergency intervention such as fire, gas leakage and critical health problems. Alarm systems can be used alone or integrated with camera systems to provide more effective security. SSA Security provides all the services you need in the sales, installation and after-sales technical follow-up of alarm systems in a professional and systematic manner.

Access Control Systems

Access control systems, which have a wide range of usage today, include the installation, monitoring and periodic controls of technological devices that ensure that only authorized persons or vehicles enter and exit designated areas. A stable auto-control mechanism is established by positioning it in areas such as main entrance doors, interior sections of buildings, vehicle parking entrances and exits in facilities or buildings with high security levels such as villas, warehouses, factories, shopping malls or ports, as well as apartments or sites. In addition, the software and technical monitoring of access control systems, which enable the entry and exit of personal or company vehicles and the movements of personnel and visitors within the venue, are carried out by SSA Security.

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