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Detector Dog Detection Unit

Detector Dog Detection Unit

Detector Dog Detection Unit

Security and explosive detection detector dogs used in Security and Protection services are also trained and used by private security companies, which are a step of preventive security services.

Security dogs, as specially trained dogs, are also used by private security companies for facility and personal security and are trained by special trainers in the field. Security dogs; It takes part in bomb and drug search activities, social events and demonstrations, congresses, festivals, open-air concerts and various organizations.

Detector dog unit, which is one of the units of private security companies developed within the scope of combating terrorist incidents that have increased from past to present, serves at extremely important points for employees and civilians. Precautions are taken against all risks, whether military, commercial or civilian, with security dogs that serve carefully and meticulously for both financial resources and working environment safety.

Thanks to the security dogs unit, services can be provided in many different areas such as metro, shopping mall, park, garden, transportation, aircraft search and airport security, such as baggage and cargo scanning, vehicle search, building and facility search. With a security dog, flammable and explosive materials can be prevented from entering sports organizations, explosives can be prevented from entering a risky event, and drugs and stimulants can be prevented from entering a university campus.

Their knowledge and skills are periodically tested by instructors, and these tests are refreshed using the world's most advanced training kits.

With the detector dog security unit, security can be provided in areas such as Sports Competitions, VIP and Building facility security, Logistics, Organization, Aircraft Cargo, Terminal, Luggage and Storage, Ship and Port.
SSA Security creates a training plan with a positive distinction according to the breed of the dogs, and after the dogs are subjected to special tests after their training, they start their duties with the private security managers / officers they are training with.

The general outline of the training given to the dogs trained and working in the detector dog security unit is as follows;

Basic Obedience Training

Basic obedience training is applied to older dogs, starting from 6 months of age, with leash control. Security candidate dogs are given the command to follow the leash without the owner pulling it. Dogs that receive the command apply commands such as "Sit", "Stay", "Lie down", "Lie down - Stay", "Lie down - Wait".

Advanced Obedience Training

Dogs carry out all commands taught in Basic Obedience training without a leash. This training is applied to dogs that are 9 months old and older. Advanced Obedience Training is provided for approximately 1.5 months.

Field Protection Trainings

The first requirement for field protection training is to have advanced obedience training. In this training, security dogs can protect any area that needs to be secured and protected, such as a factory area, the inside of a car, a garage or the garden of a house. It stops with the remote command of the owner or the personnel of private security companies acting as watchdogs.

Close Protection Training

The specially trained dog walks with its owner on a leash everywhere. In case of any attack against its owner, it immediately attacks by taking a command from its owner or, if necessary, without even receiving a command. It stops its movement with the "STOP" order it receives from its owner. Close Protection Training is also known as Bodyguard training and for this type of training, dogs must have received and completed at least Basic Obedience Training.

k9 security dog

K9 Security specially trained dogs are used to protect strategic facilities that need high security. The use of K9 Security dogs is inevitable in oil facilities, energy facilities, private construction sites and many similar facilities with private security personnel. Planning should also be made considering the personal safety of private security guards assigned to protect a construction site located on the top of the mountain.

Highways Safety

Enforcement points are established by traffic, finance or public order teams at different crossing points of the highways. Prohibited substances and commodities can be inspected by safety and security teams using standard K9 Security units at application points.

Rail System Security

In our country, investments in intercity and urban rail transportation and cargo services are increasing day by day. For this reason, the risk rate in rail system safety increases due to this development. It is of utmost importance that private security companies use K9 Security units to inspect passengers' belongings or cargo goods in support of standard security practices.

School and Campus Security

It is necessary to make the K9 Security unit a standard security practice in school buildings and campuses. Drugs that pose a great risk to students of all ages have become available around the school. For this reason, private security units can take precautions with K9 Security dogs, which are extremely sensitive to odors, especially when it comes to drug searches. In addition, they can work in different areas on campus.

Dog Detection Unit

Event / Organization Security

The extent of risks in organization and event security is often not obvious. Special security needs should be determined by risk analysis by the authorities responsible for the organization. Accordingly, private security personnel and equipment should be shared in the right proportion.
Many organizations and events aimed at young people can be undermined by people with malicious intentions. Specially trained explosive detector and guard dogs should be used in events that are targeted by malicious people.
Detector dogs support private security units in events and organizations attended by special and important people.

Explosive Detector Security Dogs scan with 3 different methods:

The 4 important advantages provided by Explosive Detector Security Dogs in organization security operations organized by private security companies are as follows;

Security and Explosive Detection Dogs have been used around the world for many years, and there has been an increase in their usage areas recently.

With specially trained security dogs, bombs and explosives hidden on people can now be detected, and people do not need to be in a fixed position while this detection is made.

Regarding the use of duty animals in private security services Law No. 5188 on Private Security Services There was a legislative gap in this scope in recent years. With a circular published in 2015, the use of specially trained security animals was legalized in our country.

Detector Dog