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Construction Safety

Construction Safety

Our company, which specializes in construction safety and construction site security, is a company that successfully provides construction site security services to facilities and industrial establishments such as bridges, roads, dams, ports, oil facilities, mass housing, shopping malls, factories, hospitals and schools where the construction industry operates. 

As SSA Private Security and Protection teamIn its security activities in both the public construction sector and the private construction sector, it has adopted the principle of determining the necessary feasibility status and risk analyzes and creating the necessary special security strategies after the survey and project phase of the building, following the transition to the construction phase.

Construction site and construction safety

Some of the issues we pay attention to in the construction and construction site security services provided by the SSA Private Security team, for the purpose of both life safety and protection of construction materials and equipment from crimes and actions such as theft, looting, sabotage and damage to property, are as follows; 

Construction Safety services