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Business Center and Plaza Security Services

Business Center and Plaza Security Services

Business Center and Plaza security services It is a type of special security service that requires expertise for plazas that can be defined as modern business centers.

Plaza security SSA Private Security, an expert security company in its field, exhibits a technical and professional approach in terms of security in plazas, which are the modern trade and business centers of the technology age.

"Plazas", which are luxury commercial area projects that provide quality service, various technological facilities and private security to employees, require an effective "private security perimeter" due to their features. These; They can be listed as Physical, Electronic, Personnel security services.

Plaza security services, It is an important issue to ensure and maintain this security. In terms of life and property safety, the classical and standard private security approach should be exceeded in plazas, which are mostly high-rise buildings.


Within the scope of plaza security service within the scope of compact private security approach; Guest reception and escort, first aid, fire etc. While our private security personnel, equipped with special security training, serve as physical security, professional security personnel are appointed to use security cameras and alarm systems with automation personnel job descriptions.

SSA Private Security and Protection services, In accordance with the permission and authority given to it by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, it provides service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, within the framework of law no. 5188, by making the necessary risk analysis assessment regarding the internal and external security of the business center and within the framework of a plan appropriate to the possible security scenario.

Our company, within the framework of this principle and plan:

Plaza Security Services

Tasked by our company with the principle of Total security and total protection. Plaza security Expert security personnel and security chief;

Every day, every minute, secretly or openly, by performing the duty of surveillance and protection; It is always on the lookout for acts designated as crimes by criminal laws, such as robbery, vandalism, assault, kidnapping or the possibility of assassination, theft, damage to property, plunder and purse-snatching.

SSA Private Security and Protection Services provides a number of necessary measures to minimize the risk by providing both covert and open security management with 24-hour threat detection method regarding residence security, with highly trained, experienced private security ID card officers and automation operators. In this context, private security personnel who have received orientation training appropriate to the project they will work on and the technology to be used; They are trained on subjects such as project-related entry and exit control system, reporting system, monitoring system and alarm monitoring systems.


What is a plaza? (What are the differences between residence and business center?)

Plazas are modern business centers, and as we mentioned regarding residence security, residences are generally high-rise buildings used as residences and plazas are used as workplaces. In terms of dictionary meaning of plazas; The area where workplaces are concentrated, the place where a commercial enterprise is managed, the place where many sales centers are collectively located, the place where a certain product is displayed and sold in all its varieties, a commercial building or, in the general sense of the word, a large area reserved for the society (square, market place). can be defined as . Plazas are modern versions of traditional markets and marketplaces, including a complex of shops, restaurants and private parking areas.

Plazas in Turkey are generally high-rise buildings built with high quality construction technologies and differ from classical business centers.

You can contact our company for more detailed information about plaza security services and business center special security permits.