Conditions to become a security guard


In line with our vision and mission, we are trying to create the workforce we need in the most efficient and effective way.
As SSA Security, our aim is to improve the quality of life of our staff and ensure their satisfaction.
For an effective staff structure in our company; Employees are selected and assigned according to their qualifications and personal abilities.
In order to work as a private security officer within our company, the qualifications and competencies required for the position have been defined. These defined qualities are sought in candidates during the recruitment process.
Selection of a private security officer consists of a number of processes. The order and degree of severity of these transactions may vary from customer to customer. Characteristics sought in candidates when choosing a Private Security officer: We group them under four main headings.

These are:

  • Private Security Officer Identity Card Status
  • Candidate's Educational Status
  • Personal Characteristics
  • Physical characteristics

While all of these elements are very important in our recruitment of private security guards, we first eliminate candidates who are not in suitable physical condition, and then we select candidates who have the necessary education and personal characteristics among those who are in suitable physical condition (athletic and healthy).

Deciding on the Selection of the Candidate

The purpose of the private security guard selection process; Our aim is to determine the individuals who meet the characteristics our service customers are looking for and to decide on their recruitment.
To determine which candidate will be selected, we rank the candidates according to their importance in terms of suitability for the job.
As a general principle at every stage of the election process; We accept the principle of respect for people, acting objectively, customer priorities, the image of our customers and continuity of service.