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about us

Operating in the field of private security SSA private security; It still maintains the excitement and quality service concept of the day it was first established.

It is a company that can provide service by sensing the requirements of our rapidly changing age, is in harmony with change and manages change.

Our management staff are experts and distinguished individuals who have gained many years of experience in various levels of the private security industry.

Our personnel are at an expert level because they are equipped with both on-site training and equipment by the expert instructors of our own educational institution and are subjected to comprehensive practical, oral and written training in our classes.

With this thought model, we aim to ensure the security of private property areas of individuals, institutions and organizations at the highest level.

Our goal; There will be more work, more success and always moving forward step by step.

Our aim; In accordance with the law no. 5188 on private security services and the provisions of the relevant legal legislation, all kinds of active or possible threats to organizations, concerts, conferences, entertainment centers, buildings, facilities, ships, yachts and businesses belonging to national and international public institutions/organizations and private companies It ensures the peace, safety of life and property of all people and living beings and employees in the places by providing continuous, periodic or short-term protection, surveillance and security against dangers.

SSA private securityhas adopted all these sensitivities, modern structuring, and creating meticulous and reliable working environments in all areas it serves as a principle.

Our SSA private security and protection services company, pursuant to the law (RG26/6/2004, 25504) and regulation on private security services dated June 10, 2004 and numbered 5188, has a "Private Security Company Activity Permit" obtained from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Turkey. provides protection and defense services.

Our company provides armed and unarmed private security services; It is capable of providing the highest level of protection, surveillance and security services with the positive contributions of its strategic, high-quality, systematic and principled work in accordance with the legal regulations.

ssa security vision

To be a leading company with superior quality in the fields of Private Security, Protection, Defense, Research and Consultancy at the international level, to have a business and management system that is effective, competitive, sought-after, efficient and synergistic in the sector at the national and international level.

To be in an important and prestigious place in the sector as a company with a competitive edge that is high quality, effective, efficient and meets customer expectations at the highest level in the defense, security, surveillance, control and service sectors.

ssa security mission
our ssa security core values

People first, life safety, continuity, participation, sensitivity to people, environment and cultural values, openness to cooperation, leadership, determination, transparency, truth-honesty, reliability, keeping secrets, impartiality, solvency, regularity, integrity, sensitivity, responsibility, perfectionism, rationality, efficiency, knowledge, effective use of time, combativeness, accountability, openness to innovation and development, sustainable competitiveness, equity.

To provide private security services to individuals, institutions and organizations with quality-conscious, expert personnel, to provide individual and corporate training in accordance with security laws and the developing security concept, primarily based on the economic benefits of life, as well as the economic benefits of customers and business partners, and occupational safety and security. To keep the satisfaction of all customers receiving private security services at a high level by using resources effectively and efficiently and to ensure continuous improvement and developments in the systems, to prepare PROTECTION AND SECURITY PLANS of Private Security Units established by institutions and organizations and to provide professional consultancy services.

ssa security quality policy
our ssa security privacy policy

SSA private security projects, all contacts, transactions and works related to national, international, public and private organizations where tenders are made, price quotes are given, preliminary examinations are made, risk analyzes are created, contractual protection and security are planned, are protected against third parties as "Confidential - Private". "It ensures the information and commercial security of the service providers and supplier companies by taking precautions that prevent other persons and organizations from accessing unauthorized information within the confidentiality level.



May our founder's message remain safe

Our company; It was established and started operating in May 2012, with its headquarters in Istanbul, with great dedication. Thanks to its many successful, innovative and exemplary services, it has continued to grow with firm steps every day.

SSA, which set out to be a pioneer in the sector, is a company with 100% Turkish capital, which has all service components such as electronic security and private security training institution, as well as the private security sector.

Our company; With the successful and accurate work we have done, it has become a security company preferred by institutions and organizations, each leader in its sector, first in Istanbul and its surroundings, and then throughout the country. Today, we offer private security services and security consultancy services to businesses in need of service, regardless of sector. As SSA, we provide services throughout the country. Currently, we continue to provide security services professionally with approximately 1,500 personnel in the company headquarters in Istanbul and in 10 projects in Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, Kocaeli, Sakarya, Bursa, Muğla, Edirne and Tekirdağ. We are among the top choices in the private security industry with nearly 160 business partners we serve.

As SSA, our aim is to preserve what exists and continue our path as one of the leading companies in the sector. Since the first day of our establishment, we have been trying to make a difference by closely following the needs of our industry and our customers. Our goal; To become an integral part of our customers' lives.

In short, I would like to say the following with the last lines of my articles: I have absolute faith that, together with my colleagues who have brought us to these days, we will continue to increase the values we have maintained and the successes we have achieved without compromising.

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